Slip and falls cause about 1 million Americans to go to the emergency room each year. While these accidents can result in a range of injuries – the most serious of which result in broken bones and chronic pain/impairments, knowing what to do after a slip and fall happens can be critical to preserving your rights and facilitating your financial recovery later.

What to Do after a Slip & Fall

  1. After a slip and fall, take these steps to protect your rights and facilitate your financial recovery later, a Beaverton personal injury attorney explains.

    After a slip and fall, take these steps to protect your rights and facilitate your financial recovery later, a Beaverton personal injury attorney explains.

    See a doctor – No matter how you feel, see a doctor and get thoroughly checked out as soon as you can after the accident. Slip and falls can cause a range of possible injuries, some of which people won’t be aware of immediately after the accident because their bodies are in shock or symptoms may take longer to develop. Seeing a doctor can be the key to diagnosing your injuries and getting the treatments you need ASAP. It will also result in a report regarding the injuries caused by the accident.

  2. Tell the proper authority about the accident – If the slip and fall occurred in a public setting, tell the manager (or other authority who is present) about the accident immediately after it occurs. This will be another important step in documenting what occurred.
  3. Compile all evidence you have – Evidence can include the clothing you wore on the day of the accident and the pictures you may have took of your injuries/the accident scene. It can also include the names and contact info for any witnesses to the accident. Keep all evidence you have/are able to obtain together, as this can be critical to establishing negligence and obtaining compensation later.
  4. Note your version of events – Write down the details of your accident, explaining what occurred prior to, during and immediately after the fall. Try to include as much as you can remember about the day, date, time, scene and any factors contributing to the accident. Getting this down on paper ASAP can be critical to not forgetting anything important that may be necessary to your claim later.
  5. Consult with an experienced lawyer – As soon as you are able to, meet with an experienced lawyer – like Beaverton Personal Injury Attorney Linda Weimar – to discuss your situation and find out more about your best options for financial recovery. By taking the time to meet with a lawyer at no cost or obligation to you, you can get a better idea of how much compensation you may be entitled to, as well as what needs to be done next to get your case started.

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