Driving Distractions in the Electronic Age

In Oregon and Washington, it is against the law to talk or text on a cell phone while driving. Drivers are allowed to use hands-free devices such as Bluetooths to talk on the phone. Many drivers are being pulled over and cited for driving while talking or texting on the phone, as Portland police take steps to keep the roads safe from negligent drivers.

The laws against cell phone use and police efforts cannot ensure that every driver will stop talking or texting while driving. At Weimar Law Offices, we protect the rights of people who have been injured by distracted drivers. We seek compensation for your losses, including medical bills and lost wages.

Just because it is against the law doesn’t mean that people have stopped talking or texting while driving. Our Beaverton, Portland and Vancouver cell phone driving accidents lawyer offers a free initial consultation to discuss your injuries and concerns. To schedule your free consultation, please call us locally at (503) 640-5000. You can also contact our Beaverton distracted driving accidents attorney online.

Were You Injured or Was a Loved One Killed by a Distracted Driver?

Our skilled personal injury attorney, Linda Weimar, provides compassionate and effective services to people who have been affected by distracted driving accidents. In addition to cell phone use, drivers can be distracted by eating, looking at a GPS, tending to pets or children in the car, applying makeup and doing things other than driving. Our law firm handles car accidents and trucking accidents that arise from distracted driving. Often, these types of accidents result in rear-end auto accidents.

We handle both minor injury claims and serious injury claims as well as wrongful death claims arising from fatal accidents. While you focus on recovering as much as possible from your injuries or working through the grieving process, we will work on helping you recover compensation for your losses.

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Our firm handles texting and driving car crash lawsuits on a contingent fee basis; you won’t be asked to pay any legal fees unless we obtain a verdict or settlement on your behalf.

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