Protecting Your Rights After a Rear-End Collision

Rear end collisions are common. Most often, they are caused by drivers who tailgate or who allow themselves to be distracted by talking on cell phones, changing the CD or trying to read or text while driving.

Fortunately, many of these accidents do not result in serious injuries. However, before you assume the best — get appropriate medical care, talk to a lawyer and don’t say anything or sign any documents.

At Weimar Law Offices, in Beaverton, Oregon, we have the experience and resources to protect your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve in both minor injury and serious injury cases.

Even if fault for the accident is clear, the extent of your injuries may not be. Talk to us before you do anything that might hurt your chances for a full recovery and to obtain the money you deserve. For a free consultation, call our offices directly or contact us online.

Injuries Caused by Rear-End Collisions

Even a low-speed rear-end collision can result in life-changing head, neck and back injuries. As an experienced law firm, we know how serious rear-end collision injuries can be and will not attempt to settle or go to trial on any case until we know the full extent of our client’s injuries. Injuries commonly seen in these cases include:

  • Whiplash and other soft tissue injuries
  • Damage to the ligaments, tendons, cartilage or muscles
  • Closed head injuries (concussions and more severe brain injuries as well)
  • Nerve injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries (including paralysis and injuries to the discs)
  • Disfiguring injuries and scars
  • TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) injuries

Dealing With the Insurance Companies

Because many rear-end collision injuries are hard to document, medically — insurance companies are rarely willing to make anything close to what could be considered a “fair” settlement offer. It is therefore important that you contactour attorney immediately to aggressively protect your interests in settlement negotiations or in front of a judge or jury. Let us deal with the insurance companies and courts, allowing you time to concentrate on healing.

Free Consultations — No Recovery, No Fee

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