After Car Accidents

Beaverton Man Arrested for Hit-and-Run Death on Sunset Highway

February 12, 2018

Hit and run accidents are some of the most troubling kind of car accidents, because they normally involve the following: A person who has a made a conscious decision to flee the scene of an accident. Damage to a vehicle or property. And, lastly, it can sometimes even combine personal…
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Alleged Drunk Driver Causes Wreck in Westside

April 18, 2016

The old adage – “Crime never pays!” – really comes to mind when reading about the 22-year-old Beaverton driver who pulled a “Dukes of Hazard” and made off through a suburban Westside neighborhood recently. The brash young driver lost his pursuer, only to be apprehended moments later by the same…
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Support for TBI Survivors Is Focus of 2016 Brain Injury Awareness Month

March 2, 2016

March is national brain injury awareness month, and this year’s campaign is focused on letting brain injury survivors know that they are not alone – and that support is out there if they know where to look. The goals of this national campaign, which is led each year by the…
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Columbia River Car Crash Leaves More Questions than Answers

February 20, 2016

Portland Fire and Rescue crews and two Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office boats assisted in pulling a car out of the Columbia River near Northeast Portland on Thursday, February 18, 2016. One deceased victim was found by divers in the blue 2002 Honda Civic, according to a Portland Police Bureau news…
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Authorities Searching for Driver Who Caused a Fatal Car Crash in Portland

February 13, 2016

One man is dead and four other people are now recovering from injuries after a car crash involving a pickup truck occurred in Northeastern Portland around 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, February 13, 2016. Emergency crews responding to the accident scene called in a LifeFlight to try to save a man,…
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Don’t Be Misled by These 4 Myths about Auto Wrecks

October 10, 2015

  Myths about auto accidents can mislead people into compromising their rights after they have been in a traffic collision. This can end up costing them in terms of their financial recovery later, potentially precluding them from being able to collect any compensation for their accident-related injuries and losses. Knowing…
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5 Mistakes to Avoid after an Auto Collision

July 20, 2015

While auto accidents can result from the mistakes of drivers, making certain mistakes after these accidents can end up causing more problems for victims. In fact, although minor missteps can delay payouts for claims, more significant mistakes can end up affecting the value of a case, potentially causing victims to…
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March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month

February 28, 2015

Tomorrow, organizations throughout the U.S. will be banning together in support of National Brain Injury Awareness Month. While various campaigns are being held throughout the month to raise public awareness and support for ongoing brain injury prevention and research efforts, we thought that, in support of National Brain Injury Awareness…
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6 Things to Know about Car Accident Insurance Claims (Pt. 3)

April 28, 2014

Concluding 6 Things to Know about Car Accident Insurance Claims, here are some final important things to know about insurers when it comes to submitting car accident claims. 5. The first settlement offer you receive from insurers will likely be less than you deserve – As with many situations that involve…
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6 Things to Know about Car Accident Insurance Claims (Pt. 2)

April 21, 2014

Picking up from 6 Things to Know about Car Accident Insurance Claims (Pt. 1), below are some additional points that people need to keep in mind when they are preparing to submit claims to insurance companies after traffic accidents. If you have questions about your rights or would like any…
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