Beaverton Car Accident Attorney

At Weimar Law Offices, our approach to personal injury and family law cases is based on the belief that no matter how large or small your legal problem may seem to anyone else — how it gets resolved is important to you and should be just as important to the attorney who represents you.

There are no unimportant clients and no unimportant cases at our law firm. If you need a lawyer, contact the best Beaverton car accident attorney for help.

What Can We Help You With?

The Portland car accident lawyers at Weimar Law also serve personal injury, property/diminished value and family law clients. Nothing else. We believe that having such a limited focus enables us to be more effective advocates for our clients — a statement supported by the results we’ve achieved for previous clients.

Where Do We Practice?

Attorney Linda Weimar is admitted to law practice in both Oregon and Washington. This allows our firm to serve clients in personal injury matters in both Oregon and Washington, including the Greater Portland metropolitan area and Vancouver, Washington. Many of our clients live in one State and work in another or travel between states for personal reasons or recreation. Laws are different between Oregon and Washington, including insurance laws. Attorney Linda Weimar is knowledgeable with both state’s laws and has the experience to handle cases in both Oregon and Washington courts.

Regarding Family Law issues, Weimar Law Offices represents clients in Washington County, Multnomah County and Clackamas County only.

Why Choose Weimar Law Offices?

When you’ve been hurt in a car accident or are grieving over the wrongful death of a family member, there are many law firms for you to choose from. The same holds true for family law and divorce issues.

As our client, you’ll have the confidence that comes with knowing your legal issues are being taken care of by an experienced attorney from beginning to end. You’ll also have the comfort level that comes from being able to work with your attorney directly on a one-to-one basis and from knowing that if you ever have a question or concern, it will not go unanswered. Such relationships are built on trust and Attorney Linda Weimar goes above and beyond to maintain that trust.

Whether you have been injured in a car accident or are thinking about getting a divorce — you’ll find the compassionate support and aggressive advocacy you need at Weimar Law Offices in Beaverton, Oregon. To schedule a free personal injury consultation with our lawyer or a family law consultation, call us at (503) 640-5000. You can also reach us online.