The Truth About Insurance Companies

Beaverton Personal Injury The Truth About Insurance Companies

The only way insurance companies make a profit is by collecting more money in premiums than they pay out in benefits. And make no mistake — they are for-profit businesses and they are very good at manufacturing excuses for why they shouldn’t have to honor policyholders’ claims. In fact, oil and insurance are about the only two industries immune to recessions like the one our country is experiencing right now.

If you believe that any insurance company has unfairly denied coverage to you — schedule a meeting with an experienced lawyer and take your policy with you so that they can determine exactly what your rights are.

At Weimar Law Offices, we help people obtain the benefits they are entitled to under the terms of their insurance policies. To put our experience to work for you, call or contact us for a free consultation. From our offices in Beaverton, Oregon, we handle insurance issues and disputes for people throughout the Greater Portland area, including Washington State.

Can I Trust My Own Insurance Company?

No, you really can’t. The fact is, every insurance company will put their own best interests ahead of a policyholder’s when push comes to shove. And their goal is always the same: to pay as little as possible and ideally, nothing at all.

The bottom line is that you should not even count on your own insurer to tell you about all of the rights you have or any additional coverage benefits your policy allows you to claim. We have even seen some companies deliberately misinform their policyholders.

For all these reasons and more — we urge you to put your claim in the hands of an attorney who is ethically bound to protect your interests.

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