Auto Accident Lawyer in Tigard

Car accidents are inevitable in many situations, even for the safest drivers, due to the negligence of others. It can result in major financial expenses and complex legal matters. Fortunately, you can have some peace of mind in this difficult situation by consulting an expert car accident attorney in Tigard, Oregon.

If you or your loved one has been injured in a car accident because of another driver’s fault, you might be entitled to recover damages for your injuries. Linda Weimar, Attorney at Law, can establish a strong case on your behalf and negotiate suitable compensation for your suffering to ensure you manage your bills and expenses related to the accident.

If the negligence of another driver has resulted in a minor injury, serious injury or the death of a family member, you need a skilled Tigard personal injury lawyer who can protect your rights and interests. We offer free initial consultations to discuss your injuries and concerns. To schedule your free initial consultation, please call us locally at (503) 640-5000. You can also contact our law firm online.

Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Attorney in Tigard

It is understandable to be disoriented and shaken up after a car accident. You might have bodily injuries and a wrecked car that would require a hefty bill for medical treatment and car repairs. Oregon law allows car accident victims to seek damages when a driver’s negligence results in injuries and damages.

You are entitled to file a lawsuit or negotiate a settlement to recover the compensation. Getting legal representation in Tigard can ensure your rights are protected and you get the rightful compensation. Linda Weimar Law Offices can guide you on all steps of the claim, including:

  • Investigating the car accident and documenting the injuries
  • Determining the person at fault with evidence
  • Consulting multiple experts about the cause and consequences of the accident to calculate your losses
  • Determining the full value of non-economic and economic losses
  • Communicating and negotiating with the insurance adjusters
  • Representing you to negotiate with the insurance provider of the other drivers

Our legal car accident team will help you with other aspects of the case as well so you can focus on recovering emotionally and physically without worrying about legal matters.

Types of Auto Accidents

Attorney Linda Weimar handles several types of motor vehicle accidents. Talk to her today if you have been injured in a:

Types of Injuries From Car Wrecks

Injured people throughout Tigard trust our law firm to handle their claims with care, compassion and effectiveness. We take care of a range of personal injury claims, from minor injuries to catastrophic injuries to wrongful death claims. Please look to us for help if you or a loved one has sustained:

Our law firm is dedicated to securing maximum compensation on behalf of our injured clients. Many of these injuries can result in significant costs that the injured person will have to deal with for a lifetime. We consider the long-term implications of the injury as we craft settlement demands.

Free Consultations With a Tigard Auto Accidents Lawyer — No Recovery, No Fee

Lawyer Up with Tigard Car Accident Attorney

A car accident can be devastating for everyone involved. Victims might suffer property damage and injuries ranging from minor to severe injuries. Some can even cause fatalities. It is important to get legal assistance if you or your loved one has been involved in a car accident.

Linda Weimar Law Offices has a team of highly trained and experienced car accident attorneys in Tigard who can handle any type of car accident case. With our legal representation, you can recover large compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering.