Labor Day is a fun time for workers across the U.S. to step away from their jobs and enjoy some off-time with their loved ones. Unfortunately, however, it is also a time when, historically, there is a surge in drunk driving – and drunk driving accidents and deaths – in the U.S.

To ensure that your Labor Day celebrations are as safe as they are enjoyable this year, below, we’ll reveal some facts about drunk driving to underscore why it’s so dangerous and, consequently, why all drivers should avoid it over Labor Day, as well as any time of year.

Drunk Driving at a Glance: What You Should Know

  1. Check out these facts about drunk driving to get some insight regarding how deadly this negligent practice is, a Beaverton car accident attorney explains.

    Check out these facts about drunk driving to get some insight regarding how deadly this negligent practice is, a Beaverton car accident attorney explains.

    Drunk driving impairs perception & judgment – When people are impaired by alcohol, their abilities to perceive and make sound judgments are also impaired. In fact, while intoxication can impair drivers’ visual acuity by more than 30 percent, it can also start to impair motorists’ ability to make good judgments behind the wheel at BACs as low as 0.02.All of this goes to show that motorists who are drunk are generally not able to perceive everything they need to when driving or make reasonable judgments behind the wheel, both of which can significantly increase the risk of collisions.

  2. It also impacts people’s concentration & reaction times – In addition to impaired perception and judgment, drunk drivers also have problems focusing on the task of driving and appropriately reacting to their driving conditions. In fact, some studies have found that the responses for drivers who are drunk are delayed by about 20 percent.
  3. Drunk drivers are responsible for 1 in 3 traffic-related fatalities in the U.S. – Tragically, about 33 percent of all traffic accident deaths are caused by drunk drivers. Put in other terms, this results in about 28 people dying every day in the U.S. due to drunk drivers. Given how intoxication impairs motorists’ abilities, it can be easy to see how drunk driving can end up being so deadly.
  4. Although drunk driving has decreased in recent years, the focus is to stop it altogether – Federal transportation regulators have found that over the past 5 to 10 years, there has been a steady decline in drunk driving in the U.S. Specifically, the finding has been that, since 2007, there has been about a 33 percent decline in the incidence of drunk driving in the U.S. While this may seem like good news, however, officials have also noted that drunk driving is 100 percent preventable; as a result, they will continue to their efforts to curb this behavior until there are no drunk drivers in the U.S.

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