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If you or a family member has sustained a closed head injury, your life has changed. To the casual observer, the injuries may not be obvious. But, for the injured person and his or her family members, day-to-day life has most certainly changed. A highly experienced closed head injury lawyer can help.

Weimar Law Offices provides highly skilled legal help to people in Oregon and Washington who have sustained traumatic brain injury. Our Beaverton traumatic brain injury lawyer is ready to handle your claim with dedication and care.

Brain injuries can range in severity, but we know that any type of brain injury is serious to the injured person. To put the experience of our Portland closed head injury attorney on your side, call us at (503) 640-5000 to schedule your free consultation.

Understanding Brain Injuries

Our highly skilled attorney, Linda Weimar, knows that all brain injuries are unique. The level of severity depends upon the type and amount of force. For example, a brain injury caused by a trucking accident can differ from an injury an elderly person sustains in a fall at a nursing home. The type of injury can affect different functioning parts of the brain. Some people may experience memory loss and personality changes. Others may experience lifelong disabling conditions that require special medical care.

A concussion or other closed head injury can affect different people in different ways. Our law firm takes the time to understand how the injury has affected you and crafts settlement demands that fully compensate for your losses.

Whether you or a loved one has sustained a mild, moderate or severe brain injury, turn to Weimar Law Offices. We work with experts across many fields — including accident reconstruction and medicine — to determine how the accident occurred, who is responsible and what long-term needs require compensation.

Free Consultations — No Recovery, No Fee

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If you or a family member has sustained any type of brain injury because of the negligent or wrongful actions of someone else, contact us for a free consultation.

Our firm handles all personal injury claims on a contingent fee basis, meaning that you will not be asked to pay any legal fees unless we obtain a verdict or settlement on your behalf.