As the summer approaches, you may be planning a trip or thinking about how you will enjoy the warm weather outdoors. What you should be aware of as you make these plans, however, is that, during the summer, your risk of being in a car accident increases dramatically.

In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, summer is the peak season for traffic accidents in the U.S. While a number of different factors have contributed to this increased risk, below, we’ll point out what you can do to mitigate this risk and protect yourself (and your loved ones) during your summertime journeys.

Take These Steps to Try to Avoid Summer Traffic Collisions

1 – Get your vehicle serviced ASAP.

The summertime can present new, different risks for drivers. Here’s what you can do to reduce these risks, a Beaverton car accident attorney explains.

The summertime can present new, different risks for drivers. Here’s what you can do to reduce these risks, a Beaverton car accident attorney explains.

Specifically, make that your vehicle’s:

  • Oil levels are checked (and replenished, if necessary)
  • Tires are rotated, balanced and/or replaced (if they are particularly worn down or it’s been more than 4 or 5 years since you’ve replaced your tires)
  • Brakes are checked and serviced as needed
  • Other essential equipment is repaired, maintained or replaced as needed.

This can reduce the risk that your vehicle equipment will malfunction (as the summer heat increases the possibility of equipment failures) and, in turn, your risk of collisions.

2 – Be prepared for more travelers to be on the roads.

A lot more… in fact, the summer often means far more traffic congestion, as the warm weather can invite far more motorcycle riders, bicycle riders, pedestrians and other travelers on the roads.

To be prepared for more motorists on the roads, make sure you are always alert and focused behind the wheel.

3 – Talk to teens about driving safety.

One of the reasons that the summer is when most traffic wrecks occur is that this is when there tends to be far more inexperienced drivers – i.e., teenaged drivers who have recently gotten their driver’s licenses – on the roads.

So, if you have a teen child (or teens whom you are close with), be sure to talk to him or her about driving safety – especially if you will be a passenger in a vehicle that this teen may be driving this summer season.

4 – Always buckle up, comply with traffic laws and drive defensively.

Because you cannot control the behaviors (or sobriety) of other motorists on the roads, wearing your seatbelt, following traffic laws and driving defensively can be a three-pronged defense against the risks that can lead to traffic accidents.

In fact, simply by buckling up each time you get in a vehicle (as a passenger or a driver), you can cut your risk of injury and death (in the event of a car accident) by as much as 45 percent.

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