Children are, tragically, often the victims of pedestrian accidents. While this can be due to the fact that motorists can have a hard time seeing children near or around their vehicles, it can also result from children not knowing pedestrian safety (and running out into traffic). In some cases, children can be hit by vehicles when drivers themselves are simply careless, reckless, distracted or drunk.

Of all of the days of the year when pedestrian accidents involving children occur, Halloween is the single day when most of these accidents take place. So, to help protect kids who will be trick-or-treating this year, below are some essential pedestrian safety tips to share with them.

Halloween Pedestrian Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treaters

  • Help your trick-or-treater reduce his/her risk of being hit by a car this Halloween with these safety tips, a Beaverton car accident lawyer explains.

    Help your trick-or-treater reduce his/her risk of being hit by a car this Halloween with these safety tips, a Beaverton car accident lawyer explains.

    Only the cross streets at corners, where there are crosswalks, traffic signals and/or stop signs.

  • Before crossing the street, always look left, right and then left again to make sure that there are no cars coming.
  • Try to make eye contact with drivers before crossing, and never cross the street if a driver does not see you.
  • Stay focused on the surroundings. Don’t use cellphones or let yourself get distracted.
  • Be careful around parked cars. Keep a safe distance from them because you never know when they may start backing up or take off.

Parents, here are some additional safety tips to keep in mind as children are out on Halloween night:

  • Don’t let children younger than 13 trick-or-treat without at least one adult present.
  • If kids will be out at night, try to brighten up their costume and/or their goodie bags with some reflectors.
  • Give trick-or-treaters flash lights or glow sticks.
  • Opt for face paint instead of masks so trick-or-treaters have optimal visibility.
  • Have kids wear shoes – and costumes – that fit and that won’t impede walking or potentially cause falls into the street.

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