Concluding Car Accidents & Teen Drivers: Top 4 Causes of Accidents Caused By Teens, here we continue to look at the common, yet preventable, causes of car accidents caused by teen drivers. If you are involved in a traffic accidents caused by any of the factors discussed in this two-part blog, contact Beaverton Car Accident Attorney Linda Weimar to find out the best way to move forward to obtain compensation for your injuries and losses.

When the negligent behavior of teen drivers causes car accidents, Beaverton Car Accidents Lawyer Linda Weimar will be ready to fight for victims’ rights.

When the negligent behavior of teen drivers causes car accidents, Beaverton Car Accidents Lawyer Linda Weimar will be ready to fight for victims’ rights.

Cause 3: Violating traffic laws

Unfortunately, the failure to comply with basic traffic laws is all-too-often the cause of car accidents that involve inexperienced teen drivers. While some cases of these accidents are associated with teen drivers simply not being experienced enough to notice traffic signs and signals, in other cases, these motorists:

  • Are distracted by other passengers in their vehicles and/or their cellphones and, consequently, miss important visual cues that cause them to violate traffic laws
  • Simply choose to violate traffic laws by, for instance, running red lights, failing to yield the right-of-way to other motorists, speeding, etc.

Regardless of whether the failure to comply with traffic laws is intentional, when it leads to car accidents, these drivers can be held accountable for compensating accident victims for their injuries and damages.

Cause 4: Drunk driving

More than 500 lives could be saved every year if teen drivers did not drive when they were drunk, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). What may be nearly as distressing as the fact that drunk driving by teen drivers is entirely preventable is the fact that all states have a Zero Tolerance policy of teen driver intoxication – yet, teen drivers still make the reckless choice to drive after drinking alcohol.

While various campaigns – including the NHTSA’s 5 to Drive campaign – are aimed at deterring drunk driving among teen motorists, for victims of car accidents caused by these reckless driving choices, there can be recourse to compensation and justice by pursing car accident lawsuits.

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