Driver Negligence May Have Contributed to Fatal Columbia River Car Crash

Driver Negligence May Have Contributed to Fatal Columbia River Car Crash

Portland Fire and Rescue crews and two Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office boats assisted in pulling a car out of the Columbia River near Northeast Portland on Thursday, February 18, 2016. One deceased victim was found by divers in the blue 2002 Honda Civic, according to a Portland Police Bureau news release.

The dramatic investigation  of this fatal auto accident started when North Precinct officers responded to a witness report claiming that a vehicle left the roadway and crashed into the Columbia River at the 15900 block of Northeast Marine Dr.

Investigation Ongoing, Cause of Crash Still Unknown

Unfortunately, the body found inside of the submerged vehicle slipped out as rescuers were recovering it from the Columbia River. Without the body to examine for evidence – and without additional witness testimony, there seems to be very little for authorities to go on at this point. However, the investigation remains open and ongoing.

A Look at Negligent Driving in Oregon: Was a Negligent Motorist to Blame?

Given that this fatal car accident seemed to only involve the vehicle that ended up in the Columbia River, there’s a significant possibility that some form of negligence on behalf of the deceased driver was a factor.

In general, negligent driving includes any motorist behavior that contributes to a disregard for driving rules and regulations and, consequently, increases the risk of a traffic crash. Some of the most common ways in which drivers can be negligent behind the wheel include by:

  • Driving while distracted
  • Driving while impaired by alcohol and/or drugs
  • Driving when incredibly drowsy
  • Violating any traffic law.

To see a visual breakdown of how often aggressive and negligent driving behaviors contribute to deadly traffic accidents, see this chart put together by federal transportation safety regulators.

Although the precise causes of this recent Columbia River car wreck may never be known, perhaps, the most important takeaways for drivers are that:

  • Their actions behind the wheel can make the difference in whether they get to their destination safely – or, in some cases, whether
  • If or when driver negligent does contribute to auto crashes, consulting with an experienced attorney can be crucial to finding out if they may be entitled to compensation for their injuries and losses.

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