Mailed Vehicle Recall Notices Must Include Special New Labels, Orders NHTSA

May 30, 2014

When vehicle manufacturers issue recalls, they now must include special, distinct labels on the mailed notices to consumers in order to alert affected consumers about the recall. This new requirement, which was mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at the end of February 2014, is specifically intended to:

  • When vehicle manufacturers issue recalls, they now must include special, distinct labels on the mailed vehicle recall notices, according to a recent NHTSA mandate.

    When vehicle manufacturers issue recalls, they now must include special, distinct labels on the mailed vehicle recall notices, according to a recent NHTSA mandate.

    Make these important mailed vehicle recall notices stand out and appear distinct from junk mail

  • Incite consumers to take immediate action to get the recalled vehicle parts repaired as soon as possible.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx explained the reasoning behind the new recalled notices, stating “recalls only work if consumers are aware of them.” As he also pointed out, “this new label will allow consumers to quickly recognize recall notices mailed to their homes so they can act quickly to get their vehicles, child restraints, tires, or other motor vehicle equipment fixed.”

Another key component of this new mandate is that it is illegal for companies other than those issuing vehicle equipment recalls to use this label – or labels designed to mimic this label in an effort to try to capture consumers’ attention. In fact, companies that attempt to market products to consumers using labels designed to mimic the new recall label could face fines and other penalties (the NHTSA is working with the Federal Trade Commission on ironing out some of the enforcement issues associated with this new mandate).

New NHTSA App Can Keep You Informed of Latest Vehicle Recall News

For consumers who don’t want to wait for mailed vehicle recall notices, the NHTSA has developed a new, free app that will keep consumers informed about the latest vehicle recall news while allowing them to quickly and easily report any issues they may be having with the safety of their vehicles.

NHTSA officials announced the introduction of this new app at the same time as they officially introduced the new recall label mandate. The goal of both of these new NHTSA-sponsored programs is to ultimately increase the safety of vehicles for consumers by increasing awareness of potential dangers with vehicle equipment.

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