May is Transportation Safety & Work Zone Awareness Month

May 5, 2016

Portland’s leaders and local government officials take pride in revitalizing and renovating its transportation corridors, which is why they take extra precautions and display more pomp than usual – as evident with the color Orange showing up everywhere, like lighting bridges and Go Orange Day.

Obviously, city leaders are being heavy handed with using the symbolic color of orange –signifying an orange work zone cone – to convey to drivers the need to be more cautious and drive slower during the summer months when the most roadwork will be underway.

Areas to Watch Out for that Could Be Messy

May is Transportation Safety & Work Zone Awareness Month

May is Transportation Safety & Work Zone Awareness Month

Here’s a list of areas that drivers should pay particular attention to when commuting, according to local news reports and Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

  • MAX ridership will be down for several weeks in May because of track repairs, so commuters can anticipate even more traffic on the roads during this time. More traffic congestion can certainly lead to more accidents.
  • Exit 252 at the I-5 and Kuelber exit is closed through May 22, so find an alternative route and be cautious of vehicles nearing that intersection.
  • The Hawthorne and Sellwood bridges will be closed for repairs, so expect delays during bridge work May 20-22.

Respecting the Work Zone Areas

Here’s the statistics to prove that it pays to drive a little more carefully during roadwork season and especially in roadwork related areas:2

  • One work-zone related crash occurs in Oregon every 19 hours on average
  • From 2010 to 2014, Oregon averaged 477 work-zone related crashes every year
  • From 2010 to 2014, Oregon averaged 13 crashes that involved serious injury and seven fatalities every year

Additional Safety Ideas

The ODOT is asking drivers traversing on Oregon’s roads to be aware and alert during the month of May and the rest of this summer, because of the amount of roadwork underway. Here are some of their additional tips to staying a safe motorist:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and stay focused on the road, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • If you see the color orange, that’s a sure sign that you should slow down for work ahead.
  • Be compliant of all speed and traffic rules and regulations.

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