NFL Player Explains Why He Hid Brain Injury from League

June 17, 2016

For all the hoopla being made about NFL concussions (does the NFL take responsibility or not? etc.), the Indianapolis Colts running back Tyler Varga has a harrowing story that deals with his rise to the big leagues and the painful battle he had with his concussion.

In short, Varga experienced a concussion and the effects lasted four months and the end result was that the player’s rookie season nearly ended his career because of the choice made that didn’t align with the NFL’s organizational protocol.

Details Varga’s Brain Injury

NFL Player Explains Why He Hid Brain Injury from League

NFL Player Explains Why He Hid Brain Injury from League

The following is a list of events that Varga has experienced and publicly discussed in relation to his brain injury associated with playing in the NFL:

  • Varga suffered the concussion covering a kickoff against the Tennessee Titans in the third week of the regular 2016 season.
  • The Colts organization offered Varga a drug called Amantadine, which is usually prescribed to treat Parkinson’s disease. Varga, who has an evolutionary biology degree from Yale and aspires to be an orthopedic surgeon, opposed the method of treatment offered because of the side effects of the drug, including “psychotic reactions like schizophrenia.”
  • Varga recalled his feelings about the Colts wanting him to take the drug, saying: “It sounded pretty scary to me.”
  • Varga admitted that he didn’t tell the organization right away about his concussion because he was afraid he’d lose his roster spot.
  • Varga recalled that he had to come clean about his concussion after apartment shopping a few days after the game and not being able to remember any of the apartments he looked at. Varga says it took about four months before he felt normal again after his concussion.
  • Varga hasn’t let the concussion stop him from playing the sport he enjoys so much, because he’s been at the Colts voluntary workout in April in hopes of winning a spot on the roster the 2017 season.

Tips for Those Suffering a Concussion

Many people have suffered a concussion for one reason or another and most bounce back without any permanent brain damage. It’s very important to take care of yourself following a concussion, so here are few suggested tips from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • Obviously, see a doctor or a trained professional and listen to their recommendations.

Don’t over exert your self afterwards (no weightlifting, heavy lifting, etc.).

  • Get plenty of rest and sleep at night.
  • Avoid contact sports or even ones that can lead to a concussion.
  • Only take physician prescribed medication for your condition.
  • Avoid alcohol until your physician says it’s okay.

What Steps to Take if There is a Liable Party for a Concussion?

There’s a lot high impact sports like hockey and football, and other activities such as motorcycle riding or even motor vehicle accidents than can be another common source of brain injury. Schools, community programs, and professional associations are responsible for taking precautions against players and people from suffering injuries, when participating in a dangerous activity.

The following are some of the flags that should go up, when someone has a concussion or is in danger of suffering one:

  • If the coach or organization fails to warn its participants that they can suffer repeated concussion from taking part in the activity.
  • Coaches and organizations put themselves at risk of liability lawsuits, if they allow a player or participant to return to the activity before they are cleared by a trained professional.
  • Many organizations, schools and colleges adopt rules and regulations that they must following regarding concussions.
  • Many states have even passed “return to play” laws that provide a level of liability, which keeps teams and organizations from committing negligence.

If you feel there has been any level of misconduct concerning a concussion or brain injury, call us and we’ll determine if there has been any gross negligence or misconduct, and help you seek compensation for pain and suffering.

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