Picking up from where we left off in NHTSA Highlights Driving Safety Tips for Halloween and Fall Season (Pt. 1), below, we will continue to point out some of the essential driving safety tips that were the focus of a recent NHTSA public safety advisory.

While the first part of this blog series focused on discussing some Halloween driving safety tips highlighted by the NHTSA, here we will reveal some of the driving safety tips that the NHTSA hopes all motorists will keep in mind throughout the fall season.

Driving Safety Tips for the Fall Season: Safety is the Key Word!

For the fall season, the NHTSA is promoting the slogan, Think safe, ride safe, be safe! Underscoring the importance of diligence behind the wheel and on the roads, the NHTSA has pointed out that, once every two hours, a pedestrian dies after being hit by a vehicle and that, every seven minutes, a pedestrian is injured in a traffic accident.

When other drivers forget these driving safety tips from the NHTSA and you get hurt, call us. We can fight for your rights to compensation after car accidents.

When other drivers forget these driving safety tips from the NHTSA and you get hurt, call us. We can fight for your rights to compensation after car accidents.

The NHTSA has also pointed out that:

  • The majority of pedestrian fatalities take place in urban centers.
  • Most pedestrian fatalities occur at night and when it’s dark outside, as nearly 25 percent of these deaths occur between 4 and 8 pm and about 32 percent occur between 8 pm and midnight.

To minimize the possibility of fatal motor vehicle accidents during the upcoming fall season, the NHTSA is bringing attention to the following driving safety tips:

  • Go slower as the daylight fades, especially if you are driving in residential areas.
  • As you pull into and leave driveways and alleyways, make sure to look both ways at least once and to be especially careful to watch for pedestrians.
  • Cut out all possible distractions – including cellphones! – so that you can remain vigilant to the changing driving conditions at all times.
  • Never drive drunk and do your best to never driver while fatigued (as fatigued driving can cause similar impairments to drunk driving).

While these driving safety tips can be helpful when motorists keep them in mind, when they don’t and you get hurt, don’t hesitate to contact Beaverton Car Accident Attorney Linda Weimar.

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