NHTSA Rider & Driver Safety Tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Mo.

May 10, 2015

“Per vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclist fatalities occurred 26 times more frequently than passenger car occupants in a traffic crash” – the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Supporting National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, the NHTSA has recently released some new motorcycle accident statistics to remind motorists that:

  • Many of the most common causes of (or contributing factors to) motorcycle accidents are preventable forms of human error or negligence.
  • Following some simple, straightforward safety tips can help them minimize their chances of causing or being in motorcycle accidents.

The Incidence of Motorcycle Accidents in the U.S.: New NHTSA Stats

A Beaverton motorcycle accident attorney shares important safety tips for drivers and riders for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Mo. Contact us if you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident.

A Beaverton motorcycle accident attorney shares important safety tips for drivers and riders for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Mo. Contact us if you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident.

According to the NHTSA, in 2013 (the most recent year for which complete data is currently available):

  • More than 4,600 people were killed in motorcycle accidents, and another 88,000 or so were hurt in these types of collisions.
  • An estimated 1,630 lives were saved due to proper helmet use; however, another 715 lives could have been saved if riders had been wearing safety helmets at the time of the crash.

Rider Safety Tips

  • Always wear a DOT-approved helmet when riding.
  • Wear other safety gear, including gloves, a jacket and boots.
  • Never ride impaired or distracted.
  • Always comply with traffic laws, have the proper license and use hand/turn signals when appropriate.
  • Be predictable for other motorists, and try to ride in the middle of the lane where you will be most visible to other motorists.
  • If riding at night, wear bright clothing and/or reflective tape to maximize your visibility to other motorists.

Driver Safety Tips

  • Always be alert to the possibility of riders.
  • When riders are present, be sure to give them plenty of room, including the full width of the lane in which they are riding. Riders have the same privileges (and responsibilities) on the road as other motorists.
  • Always comply with traffic laws and use signals when turning, merging and/or changing lanes.
  • Always check mirrors and blind spots before turning, merging and/or changing lanes, particularly at intersections (where the driving conditions/environment are regularly changing).
  • Never driver impaired or distracted.
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