With Spring upon us and more bicyclists and pedestrians out on the streets, officials at the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) are reminding motorists to be more conscientious of sharing the road. As part of this Spring traveling safety alert, ODOT is asking drivers – and others on the road – to remember to See and Be Seen, as simply being alert and aware of others’ presence of the roads can go a long way towards preventing collisions and saving lives.

ODOT has also released some helpful tips specifically for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians as part of this alert, and we’ll highlight some of these tips in this two-part blog series.

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ODOT Spring Traveling Safety Tips for Motorists

  • With warmer weather, more pedestrians and cyclists are hitting the roads. These Spring traveling safety tips from ODOT can help keep everyone on the roads safe.

    With warmer weather, more pedestrians and cyclists are hitting the roads. These Spring traveling safety tips from ODOT can help keep everyone on the roads safe.

    Expect pedestrians – While drivers should generally be more alert to the increased presence of pedestrians, ODOT is also reminding them to expect pedestrians in crosswalks, around bus stops and school zones, as well as around shopping centers.


  • Know the rights-of-way and comply with them – In particular, motorists should understand when pedestrians and cyclists have the right-of-way, and they should always yield this right-of-way. ODOT is also encouraging motorists to leave plenty of room around cyclists on the road. 
  • Always check your blind spots – Although checking your blind spots is always important, it’s especially crucial in Spring when there are more pedestrians and cyclists that could be in these regions. So, as ODOT explains, make sure that you look over your shoulders and check your mirrors before turning and changing lanes (particularly around intersections). 
  • Be especially careful by schools and at night – While schools can present risks in that younger cyclists and pedestrians tend to be out on the streets and may not know (or comply with) traffic laws, nighttime also presents some elevated crash hazards, as pedestrian and cyclists can be more difficult to see. So, ODOT is hoping that motorists will take greater care around schools and/or at nighttime to look out for and avoid hitting cyclists and pedestrians.

Stay posted for the upcoming second part of this blog series, in which we’ll highlight some of ODOT’s Spring traveling safety tips for cyclists and pedestrians.

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