Concluding 6 Things to Know about Car Accident Insurance Claims, here are some final important things to know about insurers when it comes to submitting car accident claims.

The best thing you can do when you are preparing to submit an insurance claim after a car accident is contact Linda Weimar to learn more about your rights.

The best thing you can do when you are preparing to submit an insurance claim after a car accident is contact Linda Weimar to learn more about your rights.

5. The first settlement offer you receive from insurers will likely be less than you deserve – As with many situations that involve negotiations, the first offer is usually not the best offer and is likely far less that you deserve for your car accident insurance claim. In fact, what you may not realize is that insurance companies are banking on the facts that:

    • Victims’ don’t know their rights.
    • They aren’t fully aware of how much compensation they may deserve.
    • They are so in need of money that they will take the first settlement offer.

As a result, if your insurer offers you a settlement, make sure you talk to a lawyer before you officially accept the offer (or before you cash a check from the insurance company, as this can be an implicit acceptance of a settlement). In many cases, you can obtain far more compensation if you challenge the first offer with the help of an experienced attorney.

6. An insurer’s denial of your claim is NOT the last word in your case – Just like you should expect to challenge the first settlement offer you receive, you should also expect to fight any potential denial of your valid claim, as this does NOT have to be the final disposition of your case.

In fact, insurers wrongfully deny legitimate car accident claims all of the time, and victims should know that they are not alone when this happens to them. In these cases, Attorney Linda Weimar will be ready to challenge insurers on victims’ behalf, helping them get the full amount of compensation that they deserve.

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