Cars Equipped with Front Crash Prevention Slash Rear-End Accidents

July 19, 2018

You can’t stop progress – or at least that’s what they say, right. And, in the case of equipping modern vehicles with front crash prevention technology, why would you want to? Studies have shown the technology could have already saved thousands of lives, if it were already being used today.

Take for instance this mind-blowing statistic, if all vehicles had already been equipped with auto-braking technology, there would have been somewhere in the neighborhood of less than 700,000 rear-end crashes reported to police.

“The success of front crash prevention represents a big step toward safer roads,” said David Zubin, IIHS chief research officer, at a recent press conference. “As this technology becomes more widespread, we can expect to see noticeably fewer rear-end crashes. The same goes for the whiplash injuries that often result from these crashes and can cause a lot of pain and lost productivity.”1

The Future of Front Crash Prevention and Data Showing its Effectiveness

Cars Equipped with Front Crash Prevention Slash Rear-End Accidents | Beaverton Car Accident Attorney

Cars Equipped with Front Crash Prevention Slash Rear-End Accidents | Beaverton Car Accident Attorney

The benefits of autonomous and self-braking technologies can be seen everywhere. Take the insurance industry for example, the more autonomous vehicles become, the fewer accidents will be declared due to human error.

As a matter of fact, vehicles equipped with front crash prevention technology are 7-to-10 percent less likely to report property damage claims.2 Not only will there be fewer collisions, but there will be a huge reduction in the amount of claims paid out.

Let’s look at some of the statistics supporting the effectiveness of autonomous and front crash prevention technology:

  • Auto-braking technology has reduced rear-end collisions by approximately 40 percent
  • Forward crash warning technology by itself accounts for a nearly 23 percent reduction in rear-end crashes
  • Forward collision warning equipped cars reduced rear-end crashes with injuries by 42 percent

Obviously, equipping vehicles with front crash prevent and other autonomous collision-prevention features will save many lives, reduce the number of injuries, and help the insurance industry by reducing the number of claims paid out. But, there’s still plenty of infrastructure to be laid out before we go fully robotic. For instance, the insurance industry will be creating a whole new category of insurance policies for car sharing, short-term driver coverage, and premiums will probably go up as a result.

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1“CRASHES AVOIDED: Front crash prevention slashes police-reported rear-end crashes” published in IIHS articles, January 2016.

2“The new, scary face of auto insurance” published in Tech Crunch, August 2016.

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