On one level, it is impossible to attach a dollar value to the loss of a family member or a life-changing catastrophic injury. Money can’t make anyone who suffers those things whole again. At the same time, and as inadequate as it might be, financial compensation is really all our system of justice can provide.

At Weimar Law Offices, we provide people with compassionate, personal representation — and with aggressive advocacy in settlement talks with the insurance companies and before judges and juries in courtrooms as well.

Obtaining the compensation you deserve after a car accident depends in large part on the actions you take right now. Talk to an experienced lawyer about your rights by calling or contacting our offices in Beaverton, Oregon. The consultation is free. We serve clients throughout the Greater Portland area, and throughout Oregon and Washington State.

Car Accident Case Valuation

“What is your car accident worth?” There is no set formula that will establish what the value of an auto accident injury. Each case is different and must be investigated and developed on its own terms and its own set of facts. Years ago, some insurance company adjusters and lawyers did use a formula that involved a multiple of the injured party’s “special damages.” However, that no longer holds true today. Only an attorney with years of experience handling settlements and trials can tell you what your case is worth. Our Attorney has that experience. Injury claims, in general, are worth whatever an insurance company is willing to settle them for or however much your attorney can convince a judge or jury they’re worth.

As your lawyer, Linda Weimar will investigate the car accident and work with medical specialists or other experts, as needed, to build the strongest case possible on your behalf. This is important not only in settlement negotiations with insurance adjusters, but presentment at trial before judges and juries. If we are unable to obtain a fair settlement offer from an insurance company, we will be fully prepared to protect your interests in court.

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