Myths about auto accidents can mislead people into compromising their rights after they have been in a traffic collision. This can end up costing them in terms of their financial recovery later, potentially precluding them from being able to collect any compensation for their accident-related injuries and losses.

Knowing the facts, however, can help all motorists on the road protect their rights if – or, more likely, when – they are in auto crashes. Accordingly, below are the facts behind prevalent fictions about auto wrecks to help inform motorists who want to protect their rights follow a collision.

The Causes & Impacts of Car Accidents: The Facts

  1. Don’t believe these myths about auto wrecks. Get the facts from a Beaverton auto accident attorney so you can protect your rights to compensation.

    Don’t believe these myths about auto wrecks. Get the facts from a Beaverton auto accident attorney so you can protect your rights to compensation.

    Most car crashes are not preventable – Untrue! More than 9 in every 10 auto accidents is caused, at least in part, by some form of human error. In most cases, driver negligence or mistakes are the human error involved. This means that, if motorists were more responsible behind the wheel and committed to driving safely (rather than, say, driving drunk or texting while driving), hundreds – if not thousands – of auto crashes could be prevented each year.

  2. There is not much I can do to reduce my risk of an auto wreck – This is also untrue! What you do (and don’t do) behind the wheel can make a huge difference in your risk of a traffic accident. For instance, while drunk driving can double or even triple motorists risk of a collision, distracted driving can increase the risk of a car accident as much as six times. This means that drivers who remain sober, focused and responsive behind the wheel may be able to minimize their risk of collisions.
  3. If I am in a hit-and-run accident, there’s no way I can obtain compensation for my losses – This is not necessarily true, and assuming this can prevent victims of auto wrecks from taking action to pursue financial recovery. The fact is that, when drivers have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, their own insurance company will typically be on the hook for compensating them following hit-and-runs. And, this brings us to the next myth…
  4. If I am in an auto collision, I can rely on an insurance company to pay me what I deserve – This is not at all true, unfortunately. With insurance providers, you should be aware that these companies are business that profit from limiting payouts on claims. This means that insurers may end up looking for reasons to reduce your compensation or potentially even deny your claim altogether. In some cases, they can even use tricky tactics – like prolonging investigations or failing to consider victims’ evidence – to avoid making the full amount of (or any) payouts. This is where having an attorney on your side can be pivotal to securing the compensation you may deserve.

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